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First off, the 256 item limit was raised to 500 items, so even without making use of the new support for paging, you should now be able to get up to 500 items from the list. With the changes rolled out today, your existing apps should see no difference in behavior.

This relates specifically to when you are using a 4-digit Whole Number field for entering in a Year. I know that you can change the display options on both a system level, and on a personal preference level, and remove the comma separator. However this also removes the comma from currency, and my users are unwilling to accept that as a compromise.

Column types that support calculations. Text; Choice; Yes/No; Whole Number; Decimal Number; Currency; Date Time; Create a calculated column. Sign into Power Apps..

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only whole numbers ; only numbers with less than or equal to two decimal places (23, 23.3, 23.43) javascript regex. Share. Follow edited Nov 15, 2011 at 23:20. topek. 18.1k 3 3.

7 of the columns are displaying accurately in Power BI, meaning that if the data from Excel was 1.7, then it's displaying in Power BI as 1.7. However 1 of the columns is rounding to the nearest whole number, meaning if the data in Excel is 1.7 it's displaying in Power BI as 2.0. It shows 2.0 in both the table view and in the visual.

this is how powerapps assign variables to fields. now if the user click on button1 in screen1 it will fill the textbox in screen2 with the value of the combobox and if the user click on button2 it will fill the textbox with the selected date in the date picker. This is how to use PowerApps variable between screens “the global variable”,.

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